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3 Menstrual Activists Who Are Breaking The Silence

Menstrual activism is driven by controversial menstrual taboos and culture. As of today, women are changing the way we think and speak about menstrual bleeding and vaginas.

Modern women continue to fight the period stigma to spread awareness about dangerous menstrual products, how PMS affects productivity at work, and many more.

In the past, women were forced to stay in a private place to bleed until the end of their menstruation. Some of them were obliged to stay with animals, putting their lives in danger.

There were some reports of girls being killed by wolves. They were on their own. No wonder they hated menstruation so much. Sadly, the period stigma is still felt by most women today. And then, the birth of menstrual activism. Women started to become concerned about their reproductive health and the menstrual products that were available in the market. In the 1970s, there were concerns about toxic shock syndrome.

In the early 1990s, women became eager to find healthier alternative products, becoming conscious about the toxins present in feminine products and chemical contamination in the materials used in producing sanitary pads and tampons.

Here are some menstrual activists who continue to inspire women around the world:


Kiran Gandhi is a graduate of Harvard, a drummer, and a menstrual activist. At a young age, she knew how young girls felt about menstruation.

She wants to change how young girls and women negatively feel about the period and their bodies. Gandhi is one of the most influential menstrual activists today. She encourages women to feel free even when menstruating.

As a matter of fact, she participated in London Marathon without using pads or tampons, sending a message to every woman worldwide that she should not be ashamed of her menstrual blood because it’s a sign of femininity and women empowerment.

Currently, she is working on a music project that openly talks about menstrual taboos and every woman’s right to feminine hygiene products.


is a naturopathic doctor specializing in women’s menstrual health. She helps treat women who suffer from reproductive health diseases and severe PMS symptoms. She has a website where she promotes natural treatment for menstrual problems.

In fact, she published a book entitled Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods. She wants to educate women about proper menstrual hygiene and gender equality.


Rupi Kaur is an artist and a poet. Her works are inspired by her firm stand towards femininity and overcoming menstrual taboos.

She released a book entitled “Milk and Honey,” where one of her pieces talked about the struggle of every woman to be silent and secretive when she’s having her period. She is very open and free in expressing her thoughts about women and menstruation. In fact, she went viral because she posted a picture on Instagram showing her pants being stained by her menstrual blood. Her Instagram feed is full of photos of bodies and reproductive systems in an artistic sense.

Menstrual activism will never cease to exist as long as society continues to discourage women from talking about womanhood and simply being women.

Thanks to the power of social media, every woman around the world is brave enough to break the silence. Menstrual activism is relentless. At Chumsters we bring the best of the blogs around the web for you. we are thankful to all the blog owners and give them due credit.

if you have any queries, leave a comment and tell us more about it. At Chumsters we are always here for you!!!!!!!

by Teya Janelle

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