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Heavy Period: Top 33 Tips To Deal With Your Menorrhagia

Women empowerment starts with your body and femininity. Modern women are now encouraging other women to bleed freely and deal with menstruation lightly. Your menstruation can be quite discomforting, especially if you are one of the women who suffer from PMS and heavy periods. However, with enough knowledge, it can be easily handled and dealt with.

If you’re experiencing abnormal, heavy, or prolonged bleeding, then you have menorrhagia. It’s the medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding that lasts for days.


Heavy bleeding doesn’t have any specific cause but experts came up with a few conditions that may be the cause of menorrhagia. Here are some common causes:

  • Uterine fibroids - These are non-cancerous growths of the uterus. The most interesting thing about these fibroids is that most women do not have any idea that they have uterine fibroids because they are asymptomatic.

  • Hormonal imbalance - When there is an imbalance, then there is a disturbance. Your estrogen and progesterone should always be kept balance or you might experience menorrhagia.

  • Pregnancy complications - Some women experience a miscarriage during their early pregnancy and heavy bleeding cannot be avoided. However, if heavy bleeding occurs at the same that you’re having your period, then it’s not a miscarriage but ectopic pregnancy which can cause menorrhagia.

  • Cancer - Ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer can also be the reason why you are experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding.

  • Medical conditions - Excessive menstrual bleeding can actually warn you about your health condition. Some causes of menorrhagia are thyroid problems, liver and kidney problems, pelvic inflammatory disease, and others.

HOW CAN I MANAGE HEAVY BLEEDING DURING PERIOD? Heavy bleeding can be frustrating and oftentimes alarming. Here are some ways to help you manage and deal with your excessive bleeding:

1. Don’t Forget to Track Your Period You’re the only person who knows your body well. While there are other factors that might delay your period, it’s still a big help if you are familiar with the flow and duration of your period. It’s also the best way to know when your period signals health problems. Tip: Did you know that there are period tracker apps that you can download on your smartphone for free? By using such apps, you can easily record your PMS symptoms, pain level of cramps and heaviness of your period. 2. Avoid Being Dehydrated Feeling dehydrated whenever you’re having your menses? Nothing to worry about, it’s just your progesterone and estrogen. Drink water, increase your fluid intake.

3. Give Menstrual Cup a Chance We all know why sanitary pads and tampons are not safe for our reproductive health. Why not consider using a menstrual cup like the Chumsters Cup instead? Using the best menstrual cup for a heavy flow is the perfect solution. Here are two convincing reasons to switch from your regular pad to a menstrual cup:

  • Some long-time cup users claim that using the best cups is actually helpful in easing their menstrual cramps. They used to suffer from severe cramps and heavy periods and based on their experiences after using cups, they stopped having cramps and the period flow lighter than before.

  • Most menstrual cups are meant to be used for heavier periods. They have greater capacity than sanitary napkins and tampons.

4. Iron is Your Best Friend Did you know that your period can cause anemia? Yes, while girls feel that having their monthly bleeding is normal, it’s also important to keep track of your period and be aware of what’s happening with your body. If your body continues to experience excessive bleeding for days, then maybe it’s time to take an iron supplement to replenish the blood you’ve lost. Aside from iron, try taking multivitamins every day. If you’re having terrible headaches, dizziness and you’re feeling nauseous before and during your menstruation, then iron is your best friend. Get enough iron and you’re good to go!

5. Eat Greens and Fruits Eating healthy can be challenging yet rewarding. When you’re regularly having heavy periods and might experience bloating from time to time, you might feel satiated and you don’t want to be feeling full. Most girls experience sweet cravings before and during their period. Sweets and eating sugary foods can actually lead to more bloat. It’s best to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. Leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach contain lots of essential vitamins like iron and bioflavonoids that lower the estrogen levels of your body. They help regulate your menstrual flow and give you enough iron so you won’t feel dizzy and nauseated.

6. See Your Doctor If you keep track of your period, it’s easier for your doctor to determine if you have serious period problems. If you’ve been having a heavy period for a long time, most doctors might recommend birth control pills or other types of medicine. As always, don’t forget to keep track of your progress, if none of such medicines work, then don’t hesitate to tell your doctor.

7. Relax, Don’t Panic Working girls tend to panic when it’s their first day because it’s the time that the period flow is heavier. Period stains can be troublesome especially if you’re wearing work clothes. The best way to deal with panic is to be prepared. Always bring extra pads or if you’re a menstrual cup user, bring your cup sterilizing kit anywhere you go.

8. Try Anti-Inflammatory Medicines Taking anti-inflammatory drugs is good for easing your menstrual cramps. Based on studies, your cramp-easing over-the-counter medicines can help lighten your menstrual flow. Such medicines can help lower your prostaglandin levels. Prostaglandins increase your blood flow, which leads to excessive menstrual blood.

9. Balance Your Sugar Intake Some researchers say that eating chocolates is good to ease PMS because they release endorphins. It’s important to balance blood sugar to control PMS food cravings and migraines. An imbalance in your sugar level may lead to high estrogen levels. Heavy bleeding is an indication that there is a high level of estrogen produced. Avoid heavy menstrual flow by balancing your sugar intake.

10. Learn to Love Iron-rich Food While taking iron tablets is helpful, you can also try the natural way of absorbing iron and vitamins. Iron-rich food like clams and potatoes doesn’t only stop excessive bleeding but having enough iron also prevents you from feeling dizzy and nauseated.

11. Get Enough Sleep When you sleep, your menstrual flow slows down. People who are stressed tend to get heavier periods than those who are able to manage a good work-life balance.

12. Buy a Bag or a Purse for Your Feminine Products If you live an active career or lifestyle, then you definitely need to bring your sanitary pads or your cup with you anywhere you go. Your heavy periods can be managed and you won’t be bothered by leaks as long as you have your cup or pad with you.

13. Stress is Your Worst Enemy Women who experience heavy bleeding for days are those who are stressed at work and at home. Emotional and physical stress can prolong your period and affect its flow as well.

14.Take Omega-3 Fish oils are popular for health-conscious women. But did you know that taking fish and flaxseed oils can help lighten your menstrual flow? Good vitamins are indeed good for your body.

15. Eat Magnesium-rich Foods Based on research, most women who suffer from heavy bleeding have magnesium deficiency problems. A woman who doesn’t have enough magnesium in her body will most probably experience heavy and prolonged blood flow. Try eating foods that are rich in magnesium such as watermelon seeds, pumpkins, sesame seeds, and others.

16. Strategize How You Eat Teaching yourself to eat healthily and develop good eating habits can be rewarding in the long run. For women who are troubled with excessive bleeding, it’s best to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals especially iron, magnesium, and calcium. However, be warned that too much magnesium can cause diarrhea.

Herbal teas infused with herbs are good home remedies. Here are some home remedies to add to the list:

17. Ginger Tea A cup of ginger tea a day keeps your menstrual blood away. Aside from easing your menstrual cramps, drinking ginger-infused hot water can help stop your menstrual flow. If you suffer from heavy period flow because of other factors, then you might want to try drinking ginger tea twice or thrice a day.

18. Thyme Tea Drinking teas during menstruation can help relieve menstrual cramps. Drinking thyme tea made from boiled thyme leaves is another effective way to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding.

19. Mango Bark It may sound strange but a mixture of extracted mango bark can naturally lighten your heavy period flow. Adding water and the liquid form of the extracted mango bark and drinking only a teaspoon of the mixture is effective in dealing with your bleeding. The mixture is easy, you just need to add your 130ml water and 10ml bark extract and take it after every one or two hours.

20. Jujube Tea Did you know that drinking jujube tea naturally helps stop excessive period bleeding? Prepare 20-25 grams of jujube leaf with red dates and drink the concoction every day during menstruation. Jujube leaves and fruits have many health benefits. They are a rich source of iron and phosphorous, such are important ingredients for good blood circulation.

21. Hawthorn Flowers Mixture Hawthorn flowers are good for blood circulation, improving blood transportation in all parts of the body. Drinking three cups a day is effective to relieve abdominal pains when you’re having your period and lightening your menstrual flow. Generally, hot drinks can help ease cramps. Drink your hot Hawthorn concoction and take Drinking three cups a day is effective to relieve abdominal pains when you’re having your period and lightening your menstrual flow. Generally, hot drinks can help ease cramps. Drink your hot Hawthorn concoction and take Generally, hot drinks can help ease cramps. Drink your hot Hawthorn concoction and takes time to relax.

22. Cinnamon Everybody loves cinnamon and it’s good to know that it’s helpful in reducing heavy blood flow. It’s one of the oldest and most common natural healers. Most people who are familiar with herbs and their medicinal value recommend cinnamon for heavy bleeding because they believe that its astringent properties help calm the uterus and close the vessels that cause bleeding. You can mix your tea with a cinnamon stick or use drops of cinnamon bark.

23. Banana Flower Banana flowers, when cooked and eaten, can help increase your progesterone levels and maintain your hormonal balance which can help decrease your blood flow. You can eat the cooked banana flower with a cup of curd or yogurt. Curd provides energy during your menses.

24. Coriander Seed Coriander seeds are loved by those who are health conscious. How does it help you during your period? Hormonal imbalance is one of the reasons why some women bleed heavily during menstruation. Coriander seeds have compounds that help balance the female hormones released in your body. Such compounds are effective in reducing excessive bleeding. Try boiled coriander seeds with water and drink the concoction once or twice a day.

25. Sacred Fig Prepare your fresh sacred fig leaves and drink the extract when you feel like your blood flow is heavier than usual. The sacred fig juice contains compounds to manage the period flow.

26. Bamboo Leaf Aside from having antioxidant properties and easing labor pains for pregnant women, bamboo leaves and nodes can be considered one of the best natural menstrual remedies for women. Drinking bamboo extraction can offer help for those women who suffer from heavy period flow (without serious medical reasons).

27. Wood Apple Leaf Wood apple leaves have many health benefits such as relieving constipation, fighting off bacteria and viruses, and many more. They also offer relief from menstrual pains and can stop excessive menstrual bleeding. A high blood sugar level means excessive bleeding. Wood apple leaves regulate blood sugar, preventing heavy flow. Boil fresh wood apple leaves and drink them twice a day.

28. Mustard Seeds One of the reasons why women feel uncomfortable during their menses is because of high estrogen levels and hormonal imbalance. Mustard seeds have omega 3 fatty acids to maintain your hormonal balance and regulate your menstrual flow. Mustard seeds have omega 3 fatty acids to maintain your hormonal balance and regulate your menstrual flow. Mustard seeds have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can lighten heavy flow and helps make your uterus healthy. Prepare dried mustard seeds and grind them into Prepare dried mustard seeds and grind them into fine powder. Mix your mustard powder with yogurt or curd and salt to taste.

29. Rough Chaff Make a rough chaff concoction by soaking them in water. Drink your rough chaff tea two or three times a day to alleviate your heavy menstrual bleeding.

30. Indian Spikenard Apart from being herbal medicine to treat digestive problems and infections in a natural way, the Indian spikenard is one of the most effective natural remedies for women who always have trouble with their period flow.

31. Licorice After peeling, try grinding the licorice to turn it into powder. Add water to your powder and drink it twice or thrice a day for five to six days.

32.Tenner’s Cassia The flowers and flower buds of Tenner’s cassia can do wonders in your heavy period.

33. Garlic Garlic has an antioxidant agent which is good in maintaining the balance of your hormones. Hormonal imbalance is one of the reasons why there’s heavy menstrual bleeding. There are other ways to alleviate your period flow, you just need to be experimental and try them to know which ones suit you. Be informed, know your period more, and manage it like a boss.

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