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How to prepare for your first period

It’s smart to always be prepared!

In this section, you’ll learn what to bring in your backpack so you’ll always be prepared for your period.

Being always prepared means carrying a couple of pads or tampons with you at all times even when you’re not expecting your period.

Things to pack for your first period

  • 2-3 pads or tampons

  • spare underwear

  • plastic bag

Bring an extra pair of panties just in case your first period soils your panties. This way you can change into a fresh pair. You can throw away the soiled panties or put them in a plastic bag and wash them at home.

When you become more comfortable with your period, you may find that you only need to carry pads and tampons. Most girls always have at least one or two pads or tampons with them at all times even when they’re not on their period.

If you don’t have pads on you, most public washrooms also have small vending machines that sell pads and tampons. They usually cost around a dime or a quarter.

Where do I carry all my supplies?

If you’re going to school, you can carry your period kit with you in your school bag, pencil case, makeup case, or purse.

I like to carry mine in a small zipper pocket in my backpack. Does your school bag have a small pocket like mine?

If you don’t have a bag with you, you can always slip a pad or tampon in your pocket.

But what if I forget my supplies and I have no money?

Since most girls always have supplied with them, you can just ask another girl :)!

I know it may be a bit scary or awkward to ask another girl for a pad, especially a total stranger you don’t know! Luckily for us girls, we have the Girl Code!

The Girl Code is the unwritten rule of always helping out another girl when she needs a pad.

Most girls have been in this predicament before and we all know what that’s like. This is exactly why we have Girl Code.

I have used the Girl Code many times and it has never failed me. In my experience, when it comes to Girl Code, girls always go above and beyond to help one another.

I’ve even total strangers in public washrooms for pads and every single time, they have always shared their supplies with me! And when they didn’t have any, they would go out of their way to ask their friends or even offer to purchase one from the machine for me.

There have even been times when other girls saw me approaching the pad machine and offered me a pad without me even asking!

The Girl Code is no joke! So don’t be shy to ask another girl for a pad and always help another girl if she needs a pad!

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