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Your First Period: How to Write to Your Mom

Talking about puberty can seem scary. Need a way to start the conversation about puberty with your mom? Here are a few great ideas.

Talking about puberty seems scary. It’s true for so many girls out there: starting the conversation about puberty and your first period can be super hard. What do you say? When do you say it? Will your mom say something first?

Use these examples as a starting point or just copy, paste, print, and sign one! Then give it to the person you want to talk to (or leave it where only she'll be able to find it), like her purse.

The Formal Letter

Dear Mom, You've probably been expecting this, but I think we should talk soon about my period. I’m growing up, and even though talking about it might be a little embarrassing, I want to make sure I have all the right info. Can we talk soon?


(Your name)

The Friendly Note

Dear Mom, We can talk about anything, right? So I think it’s a good time to talk about me getting my period and all that other stuff. We should talk about pads, too. Maybe we can even do something special when we talk, just the two of us? Like lunch? A trip to the mall? Whatever you want! Can’t wait.


(Your name)

The Short and Sweet

Dear Mom, I just started my first period. Let’s talk about it A.S.A.P. — maybe on the way to the store to get some pads and other supplies?


(Your name)

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