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Period Calendar - Why Track Your Menstrual Cycle?

A period calendar is how you keep track of your period. It can help you stay prepared in more than one way. See what we mean!

A period calendar is a great way to make sure PMS or your period doesn’t take you by surprise. This doesn't mean you have to bust out the paper calendar and actually mark the day — more on that later, though. Charting gives you more control over your reproductive health and helps you understand your own body rhythms.

What to Track

Keeping track of your period symptoms on a monthly cycle calendar is easy, but it’s one of those things that won’t work unless you do it regularly. On top of noting when you start and stop your period, try writing down when you get cramps, mood changes, changes in your vaginal discharge, pain when you don’t expect it, or other symptoms you think might be period-related.

After a few cycles, you’ll likely see, a pattern. Then you can even foresee symptoms and be ready for them. PMS coming up? Stash some medicine in your purse. Is period due? Stock up on pads so you aren’t caught without one when you need it most!

If you've been having periods for a while, you know what your normal flow is. Keep track of light or heavy bleeding and any changes in color and texture (like blood clots). Also, note any unusual vaginal secretions that occur during the month. You may notice a thicker or stickier discharge at mid-cycle — this is normal and means you’re ovulating.

Why It’s Important
Regularly recording everything about your cycle, even if it feels weird, can give your doctor important information. Next time you visit your doctor, he or she will probably ask you the date of your last period. If you track your periods, the answer will be really easy! And that’s not the only thing your doctor will find helpful to know.

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