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PMS Symptoms

Let’s learn about our periods!

PMS symptoms are experienced 1-14 days before your period and may also persist into your period.

A majority of girls experience few or mild PMS symptoms. But different girls experience a different set of symptoms. So it’s totally normal if you don’t experience the same set of symptoms as your sister or friend.

The reason PMS symptoms vary and differ from girl to girl is that our bodies respond differently to the hormones that drive our menstrual cycle and the individual lifestyle choices we make.

Most girls will experience at least one symptom of PMS and it is usually not severe enough to interfere with your daily activities. So don’t worry! You can still do everything you usually do!

PMS Symptoms

Menstrual Cramps

Also known as period cramps, you will usually feel them in your lower tummy area, lower back, or along your inner thighs.

Breasts feel tender

Your breasts feel a little bigger, feel swollen, and may hurt when you touch or squeeze them.


Hormonal changes during your period can cause headaches.


Hormonal changes during your period can cause your skin to break out.

Changes in Appetite

You may feel like you’re eating more than usual or you may feel that you’ve lost your appetite. Remember it is important to eat, especially during your period.


It’s completely normal to crave all your favorite foods. A popular favorite among women are chocolate and sweets!

Constipation & Diarrhea

Not often talked about but this is a very common PMS symptom.

Feeling Bloated

Your tummy or abdominal area may feel full or bigger than usual.

Feeling Moody

One minute you may feel super happy and the next minute you may feel sad. Mood swings are a common PMS symptom.

Feeling Irritable

You may find a lot of things that irritate you more than usual.

Feeling Tired

Even though it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a lot of work, your body is spending a lot of energy to prepare for your period so it’s normal to feel a little tired.

Treatment & Management

If PMS is bothering you, you can make some lifestyle changes to treat mild to moderate PMS. This includes:

  • Getting regular exercise

  • Quitting smoking

  • Reducing intake of alcohol

  • Staying hydrated

  • Getting a good night’s sleep

  • Managing your stress

If you experience severe PMS symptoms or that it interferes with your daily activities, then please see your doctor.

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