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Supporting Your Daughter During Puberty

Puberty was once new to you also! Help your daughter understand this change and be her reassurance and support. Check out how to be there for her.

Puberty is an important time for girls, in part because they go through so many different physical and emotional changes. During this time, they'll have a lot of questions about their bodies and what they are experiencing.

To understand that this is an absolutely normal time in her life, your daughter will need plenty of reassurance and support from you. Talking through her concerns will not only encourage her to take pride in her body and to make healthy choices but will also provide an opportunity for you and your daughter to better understand each other.

Let her know you're always there for her

Work to establish a good pattern of communication with your daughter. Start by letting her know that you’re always willing to talk. And, critically, it's important you remember that “talking” also means really listening to what she has to say.

Take some time to remember what concerned you as a teenager. What were you too embarrassed to talk about? What do you wish your mother had told you at the time? Or what did she do that made you feel better back then? That will help you relate better to what your daughter is going through now. By talking to your daughter openly about these issues, you will also help her to take responsibility for her own health and make good choices as she grows up.

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