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Talking about periods: Your Daughter’s Health During Puberty

Talking about periods with your daughter is so important! Make sure she’s at her healthiest in these important years of physical and emotional development.

Puberty is all about health and change. It’s a really important time to focus on two things with your daughter during this time: eating healthy and staying active. Now is the perfect opportunity to start healthy habits she (and you) can keep up for life. Try looking after each other and doing these things together. Being a great example is the best way for your daughter to embrace life skills.

Eating Right

Since puberty requires a lot of nutrients and energy (your daughter’s body will be growing and developing quickly), she'll need to keep her energy levels up by eating a well-balanced diet. In the morning, make sure to remind her to drink plenty of water and eat breakfast (you too) for that all-important energy boost at the start of the day. In the evenings, plan and make healthy meals together. Protein-rich foods (fish, meat, cheese, and eggs), complex carbohydrates (whole grains and brown bread), dairy products, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables are the perfect foods for a growing girl. Ask her to help you find recipes online and then have cooking nights together. You’re sure to have great food you both love and awesome mom-daughter conversation while you eat it. Being Active

Getting regular exercise will make your daughter feel good, improve her overall fitness levels and keep her energy levels high. Doing something as simple as taking brisk walks together around your neighborhood a few times a week is a great start. Bonus: it’s also the perfect opportunity to chat! Playing a sport she enjoys at school or recreationally or simply staying active with friends will keep your daughter healthy and give her more opportunities to socialize with other girls in healthy ways.

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