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Talking to Your Daughter About Physical Puberty Changes

Body Changes during Puberty are the most noticeable changes to both daughters and mothers. Learn how to help your daughter understand and deal the right way.

Body changes during puberty, Remember what it was like for you? You may not recall all the details, but you probably remember wondering, “what’s going on?”

Here’s a refresher for you so you’re ready to help your daughter understand exactly what’s happening with her body.

Things are Changing

Puberty starts anywhere between 8 and 14 years old. During this time, your daughter will experience most or all of these changes:

  • Pubic and underarm hair

  • Developing breasts

  • Weight gain

  • Acne

  • Greasier hair and possibly dandruff

  • Sweating (and possibly body odor)

Tell your daughter that she shouldn’t be self-conscious about any of these changes, as all her friends will be going through the same thing. You can also introduce her to the products — deodorants, skincare, and hair care products — that may help with the new body odors, oils, and sweating she’ll be experiencing.

When? How Long?

How long does puberty last? Overall, the process usually takes between 18 months and two years. Is she developing earlier than her friends? Or maybe a bit later? She may not realize that every girl develops at her own unique pace, so she may worry that she’s the “odd one out.” It’s important to let your daughter know that everyone is different. Assure her that this isn’t the case, and her body’s timing is absolutely normal.

If your daughter hasn’t experienced any of these changes by 14, don’t hesitate to take her to a doctor to make sure everything’s all right.


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