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Talking to Your Daughter About Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a topic that you can cover with your daughter to help her understand what’s going on. Here are some tips to talk about vaginal hygiene.

Vaginal discharge is an important topic to cover with your daughter. Before your daughter gets her first period, she'll probably notice yellow or white stains in her underwear. This is discharge — a fluid that moistens and cleans the vagina and a good sign that she’ll get her first period soon.

Although it could be embarrassing for her to bring it up, reassure her that it’s absolutely normal and actually a sign her body is working properly. Discharge keeps the vagina from drying out and can also help protect against things like yeast infections.

You can also explain that vaginal discharge is the natural form of feminine hygiene and nothing to worry about unless it smells bad or the color or consistency changes dramatically (if that’s the case, don’t hesitate to head to the doctor).

The amount and consistency of healthy discharge will vary throughout her menstrual cycle and can sometimes make her feel less comfortable than usual. Pantiliners are great products that help her feel clean and fresh on top of providing daily protection.

Explain to her how pantiliners work and what they’re meant to do. Consider it an introduction to feminine products. Once she gets used to it, she’ll be even more prepared for her first period. Always Incredibly Thin pantiliners are the perfect choice for a teen. You may want to pick up a box for her as your conversation starter!


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