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Meet Diva'Me Divine: a comfortable period panty made from bamboo fiber for all day comfort and heavy flow up to 70 ML. With its innovative design, this panty offers superior breathability and absorbency, so you can stay fresh and dry no matter how heavy your flow. The bamboo fiber is also incredibly soft and gentle on your skin, so you can enjoy the comfort of wearing period underwear without any irritation. Caution: Do not tumble dry your period panties!

Diva'Me Divine


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Color: Black
  • About the product:

    Body:95%bamboo fiber 5%spandex

    Lining:80%polyester 20%nylon

    Middle:95%bamboo fiber 5%spandex

    The period panty is made of 4 layers that are super absorbent and prevent leaks. Designed to replace pads and tampons to give you the full protection all day every day.
    Strong water absorption: Instant absorption without stickness feel.
    Soft material: Made with organic cotton for all day and night comfort.
    Breathable layers: Zero odor and itchiness.
    Environment friendly: Eco-friendly material and sustainable.

    Care instructions:
    Period panties are washable and reusable.
    Soak your period panty into cold water to soak out the blood. Afterwards, wash it in a washing machine or by hand as regular underwear. Caution: Do not tumble dry your period panties!

Taking care of your Diva'Me Period Panties & Diva'Me Swimwear Guide

Step 1: Pre-wash your Diva'Me Period Panties & Diva'Me Swimwear before wearing them for the first time. This will activate the technology in the middle protective layers for maximum absorbency.

Step 2: Wash your Diva'Me Period Panties & Diva'Me Swimwear in the sink under running cold water until the water runs clear.


Step 3: Use organic soaps or detergents to wash your Diva'Me Period Panties & Diva'Me Swimwear. You can wash them in the sink or in the washing machine. Ensure to set the temperature on 30°C and mode on delicate and don't use fabric softeners!

Step 4: Reuse & Repeat! Once done washing, hang to dry! Don't tumble dry your Diva'Me Period Panties & Diva'Me Swimwear, as the inner layers can get damaged.

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