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*Comes as a set: Top with Bikini Period Panty.

A Bikini and top set that is essential for the days you're looking to hit the pool and beach during your periods! Water-proof fabric that is quick drying and offers light to medium flow absorbency, making it perfect for those period days at the beach or pool.


Note: Washable and resuable period swimwear

Caution: Do not tumble dry your Diva'Me Period Panties and Swimwear!

Diva'Me Shoreline Essentials Period swimwear

Color: Black
Delivered by end of May.
  • Crafted from waterproof and quick-drying material, this swimwear not only offers UV 50+ protection against harmful rays but also boasts anti-chlorine properties for durability. Moreover, the innovative design incorporates protective layers in the bottom, strategically engineered to manage light menstrual flows discreetly, making it an ideal companion for carefree beach days.

    - Designed for performance, allowing for easier movement through the water, even during menstruation.
     - Made of recycled nylon, making it environmentally friendly. Ideal for medium blood flows.
    - Water-repellent outer fabric!
    - UV50+ protection!
    - Anti-chlorine treated material!
    - Cold wash and dry by hand.
    * Do not tumble dry your Diva'Me Period panties & swimwear!
    Refer to the last picture for size guide.

  • We strive to provide you with the best products. However, please note that due to the delicate nature and hygiene precautions associated with our period panties, we have a specific return and refund policy in place.

    • Returns and refunds: Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns, exchanges or refunds on our period panties once they have been purchased. This policy is implemented to ensure the safety and hygiene of our customers.
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