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About Diva'Me


About the Founder

At Diva'Me, our story began with a vision to transform the menstrual experience for women around the world. Frustrated by the discomfort and environmental impact of disposable menstrual products, we set out to create a brand that symbolizes both luxury and sustainability. Diva'Me is dedicated to providing premium, reusable solutions that prioritize comfort and convenience, empowering women to embrace their periods without compromise. 


Our commitment to innovation and eco-consciousness drives us to tackle the pressing problems associated with disposable products, offering an elegant alternative that harmonizes with both the body and the planet. Through Diva'Me, we invite you to join us on a journey toward a more sustainable, confident, and empowered future.

Lingerie Models

Our Story

Diva'Me is an expression of the emotions of every woman. The idea of creating a pathbreaking solution for female health and hygiene care was conceptualized by Nadine & Prashant. Based on their life experiences and a vision to create a better range of solutions through different products which will help every Diva, Nadine & Prashant founded Diva'Me which is continuing to create an amazing range of products. We believe that in every I there is a Diva who has to bring out that in me, hence we are IDivaMe.

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